Monday, 28 October 2013

Mostly, tonight, i was drinking whiskey. Friday night is whiskey night. For all you con-i-sewers i will agree that whiskey should be a single malt. You also may have noticed that i spell Whiskey with and e - i am not talking scotch here - but i will admit that the scots stole whiskey (and re-named it whisky because they cannot spell) and developed really good versions that they call single malts. if you drink real whiskey, as in Bushmills, have no fear it is a single malt and the original whiskey - that's Ulster for you - the people get things really right and really wrong but they know whiskey. Having completed my rant I will now admit that tonight's whiskey was really a whisky and worse than that a blended whisky. But i am a believer in enjoyment and I really enjoyed it. I am now a little inebriated and writing this blog. Mostly last night I was a pop star. We had a music night - and my band (as in I am part of it not the owner of it) played to a village hall almost full of village people and none of them wore Indian headdresses or hard hats. it was a proper sixties night. We sang songs of the sixties, the band are all in their sixties and there were sixty people in the hall. We rock. This weeks favoutite song - Sunny Afternoon. The tax man's taken all my dough. - Now i can't make any bread.

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