Monday, 19 August 2013

Yesterday, mostly I was a roofer and a reader.
We finished putting the roof on Rod's dog house this morning.
In the evening I found a book 48 Hours by J Jackson Bentley, a real page turner, so it was after two when I went to bed. If you like well written crime novels you will like this48 Hours.
I had just started reading it in my shed when my daughter phoned, she has decided we should go on a cycle ride next weekend and wants me to plan a 60-70 mile route that has two pubs in it and ends at a third. Rod arrived while I was on the phone and dropped four dead pigeons on the shed floor. He waved and left without speaking.
Pigeon breast pie.
First get someone to shoot some pigeons and give them to you.
1. Insert a sharp knife into the skin at the breast and slit. Tear back the skin to completely expose the breasts.
2. Cut off the breasts.
3. Slice the breasts and fry quickly with a chopped onion and a handful of mushrooms (I have large hands.
4. Add seasoning to suit your mood.
5. Make pastry - 6ozs flower and 3ozs butter and pinch of salt, rub together until breadcrumb consistency, add a splash water and mix.
6. Roll out and use half to line a pie dish.
7. Fill with the pigeon and mushroom mix.
8. Close the pie with the rest of the rolled pastry, paint lightly with milk, stab the top a half a dozen times.
9. Bake at 180 for thirty minutes.
10. Enjoy.

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